LeadWare Pocket Edition

Handheld PDA size Lead Retrieval Device with built-in badge scanner. Battery powered and fully mobile, this lead
retrieval option uses a touch screen with included stylus, or a full QWERTY keyboard on the device itself. Each
device is pre-loaded with a set of optional default qualification questions which can be used at no charge. The
experience of scanning a badge can be as easy as Scan-And-Go or a fully interactive survey.
Your device will be ready for pick-up at the Lead Retrieval Service Desk. View records and reports instantly, on
device. Your lead file will be available for reporting/download from a password protected website anytime after


Thank you for choosing Capture Technologies for your lead retrieval needs. Questions? Please contact us at clientservices@captureleads.com or 973-890-7600. Please have your show name available when you call.